Section 1. All County Conference Mission Statement. It is the purpose of the All County Conference to teach and promote youth football and cheerleading.  Our primary concern is that our children learn the sports of football and cheerleading properly and by the rules.  We believe winning is secondary to good sportsmanship.  We believe that all children and parents should feel confident that they are participating in a safe, healthy and fun activity.  To insure this, the A.C.C. insists on high standards of conduct and fair play from all of its member teams, their coaches, players and parents.


Section 2. Provide a safe environment for our players and cheerleaders as they participate in junior football and cheerleading activities.  Our responsibility is to the participants on the field regardless of team affiliation.

Section 3. Promote good sportsmanship between all teams by teaching our players and cheerleaders the values of fairness, respect, and compassion.  We will demonstrate those values every day as we lead by example.


Section 4. Place the good of the league over and above all else.  Individual

accomplishments will never take precedence over the well being of the league and its participants.


Section 5. The objective and mission statement must be read at each league meeting, team meeting or any function sponsored by the conference and/or team.  Following the pledge allegiance.