2017 ACCJFL Cheerleading Competition

2017 ACCJFL Cheerleading

Competition Hosted by The Olyphant Lions

The Olyphant Lions will host The Annual ACCJFL Cheerleading Competition September 16, 2017. Competition Will Not Be Cancelled Due to Inclement Weather. It Will Be Held Inside.

Mid Valley High School

Registration for the American Conference begins at 8:00 am

Practice 8:30-9:15 am

Competition begins at 9:30 am


Registration for the National Conference TBA

Practice TBA Competition begins TBA


  1. The competition  will  consist  of  a  2  1/2-minute  routine  which  includes  dance,  cheer, gymnastics and stunts. The cheer portion must include the team name and or color. Refer to

2016-2017 UCA Competition Rules and Regulations.

  1. In addition to the Competition Routine, a Hello Cheer portion has been added. This cheer is judged on crowd leading, incorporation and overall impression.
  1. The entrance fee will be $8.00 per cheerleader and an additional $2.00 per graduate. If I- or Special  Need’s  Teams  are  participating  at  Competition  (optional)  their  entrance  fees  are

$3.00 per cheerleader. And their routine should be 1 ½ minutes.

  1. All teams will compete according to the number drawn in their conference in the following order:


All “C” Hello Cheer. 2 ½ Minute Routine.

All “B” Hello Cheer. 2 ½ Minute Routine.

All “A” Hello Cheer. 2 ½ Minute Routine.

All “I” and Special Need Team’s Exhibition


5. Competition half day or full day will be determined by the hosting teams’ organization. If an organization chooses half day the time and agenda will be made available for the PM session one week after roster hand in.

If the hosting team chooses half day competition they will compete in the AM session.

1) There will be two divisions the National Conference and the American

Conference which is determined by the medal placement of the previous year

2) Both Conferences will have first through last place awards.

Example Of ½ Day Competition:

Session One

American Conference

Registration 8:00-8:30 am

Practice 8:30-9:15 am

Competition 9:30 am

C, B, A, I competes

Intermission Time TBA & Awards for Session One

Example of Full Day Competition
American and National Conference
Registration: 8:00-9:00 am
Practice: 9:00-9:45 am
Competition: 10:00 am
Order: All C Teams Compete
All B Teams Compete
All I Teams Perform
All Special Teams Perform
One Hour Break
All A Teams Perform
Senior Recognition


Session Two

National Conference

Registration TBA

Practice TBA

Competition TBA

C, B, A, I Competes

Awards for Session Two & Raffles

5. Cheerleaders must remain in their uniforms. pom poms can be used, except while tumbling. Poster props no larger than 2 foot by 3 foot are permitted. Dance routine, gymnastics, jumps, pyramids and partner stunts are permitted. Key phrases during dance routine are permitted. A Team Cheer that includes the team name and or color must be included in the performance.

6. Please keep all cheerleaders off the field until called to perform. One (1) squad on the field, one (1) squad on deck and one (1) waiting by the goal post.

7. Proof of grade is required; refer to ACCJFL Bylaws Article VIII, Section H.

8. Mascots are not allowed to participate in competition.

9. Please notify hosting team if you have a cheerleader that has a disability. There must be a written Doctors documentation.

10. Minimum of 3 UCA/NCA Judges and 1 UCA/NCA Safety Judge is required.

11. Coaches and Assistants will be allowed to position their cheerleaders on the field and may tell cheerleaders where to stop on the field. A maximum of (6) six Coaches and Assistant Coaches total per squad on the field. When the squad is in position, all coaches must leave the field and go to the area designated for them to watch their squad perform.

a. No coaching from the side lines, there will a 10-point deduction for non-compliance.

12. The refreshment stand will be open for the duration of the competition.

13. EACH CHEERLEADER WILL RECEIVE AN AWARD purchased by the hosting team.

14. The awards will consist of participation medals and ribbon for all and team banners for 1st, 2nd and
3rd place. Only the top three teams will be announced.

15. If there is a tie for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place the team with the highest combined score with hello cheer
and dance takes the banner home and another banner will be made and given to the other team at
a later date. If there is a tie in the combined scores the two teams names go in a drawing the first
team name pulled will take the banner and the other will receive their banner at a later date.

16. There will be a designated practice area and time. This will be announced before competition. there will be a 10-point deduction if practicing after designated time and area that will be reflected on the safety judges score sheet.

17. If competition is cancelled due to rain, the decision will be made by 6am and all teams will be
notified immediately thereafter.